Steel for Life

Steel For Life

National Tube Stockholders Ltd and Cleveland Steel and Tubes Ltd are proud to be joint Gold Sponsors of Steel For Life, together with the BCSA we promote the use of steel in construction, it’s at the heart of what we do.

Steel is a key component in the construction industry for buildings, bridges and other structures, it is a sustainable option and is often the product of choice for designers and architects alike. With a mature and expert supply chain, fabricated steelwork supports sophisticated design, not to mention it is architecturally good and easy on the eye.

The vast majority of steel in the UK is recycled, it can be reclaimed, processed and then reused in the steelmaking process to produce new batches of steel slabs or coils, it’s lifecycle is infinite.

Some of the advantages offered by steel;

  • Cost effectiveness
  • Structural efficiency and lean manufacture
  • Assured quality
  • Speed of construction
  • Sustainability
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Design flexibility
  • Supports green buildings

Both NTS and CST encourage involvement with the activities of Steel For Life to ensure a sustainable future for our country, through this we are supporting the supply chain to ensure steel remains cost competitive against alternate building materials and our products are readily available.


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What we do

National Tube Stockholders carries a range of products for the steel industry, specifically suited to construction, we have one of the largest ranges of hollow sections available in the UK.

Hot Finished Hollow Section EN10210 S355J2H:

  • RHS & SHS from 40×40 to 500×300, 3mm to 20mm
  • CHS from 26.9 to 609.6, 3.2mm to 25mm

Cold Formed Hollow Section EN10219 S355J2H:

  • RHS & SHS from 30×30 to 400×200, 3mm to 16mm
  • CHS from 33.7 to 457, 3mm to 16mm

Cleveland Steel and Tubes Ltd carries a vast range of tubes in various grades, particularly suited to piling. They encourage the market to look at reusing steel which is often prime material purchased from over rollings. They can offer testing from UKAS approved laboritories to prove the integrity of the steel.

Size Range from 1″ OD to 100″ OD


Between us we have over 100,000 Tonnes available ex stock in the UK and as part of the Worldwide Bianco Group we have access to more than 350,000 Tonnes of stock material. Over the years we have been involved in supplying steel into some of the UK’s most iconic buildings such as Wembley Stadium, The Shard, The Walkie Talkie, The Olympic Stadium and many more besides.

Our passion for the steel industry is indisputable, we will continue to help spread the word about why steel should remain the material of choice for the construction industry.